Class Description

Summer 2015 Class Descriptions 

Fashion Design and Illustration (*New Program)

Students will experience “art” through fashion using watercolors, acrylics, inks, colored pencils, and professional markers. Students will take on the role of designers and illustrators for the week and create a fashion collection. Extensive  resources will be provided for design inspiration.

Discussions will include the history of fashion from “vintage to vogue” including silhouettes, colors, designers, illustrators, and trends. The most current techniques will be demonstrated as students develop their own style of drawing and painting. Fashion anatomy will be reviewed as students learn to draw a “croquis” (fashion model), using industry standards. Students will also create a one-of-a-kind fabric design while learning to illustrate a variety of fabrics.

Miniature dress forms have been added to the studio for summer and students will create 3-D designs (for illustration) using craft materials and glue. This new approach to design was inspired by the Christian Dior Exhibition “Le Petit Theatre Dior”. Students will view the exhibition online, in class. Also new, students will learn how to use a brush that actually holds water in the handle for experimenting with all medium. This class is a good portfolio builder for older students and fun for all ages!



All sewing classes include both machine and hand sewing techniques and students will complete 2-3 projects in class. Students will work with a variety of fabrics and patterns including skirts, bags, dresses, summer tops, pj’s, shorts, aprons, fabric jewelry, and a large assortment of small projects. Safety guidelines will be reviewed for all studio equipment.  A variety of techniques will be introduced including learning to use a sewing machine (for beginners), mastering the sewing machine and serger (for more advanced students), learning to use an iron, installing zippers, sewing on buttons, ribbons, and a variety of trims, using elastic, bindings, and interfacings. Demonstrations will be provided for all techniques. Discussions will include how to read, understand, and create a pattern, sizing, layout, and cutting techniques. Sewing tools and terminology will be reviewed.  Students will also have fun learning to use a serger in all sewing classes!


Fabric Design and Sewing

Students will create one-of-a-kind fabrics for fashion and accessory designs using cotton, woven, and stretch fabrics. Students will design, dye, print, and sew their own fabrics while learning machine and hand sewing techniques. An extensive collection of samples will be provided for design inspiration. Students will learn techniques for stenciling, foiling, painting, printing, tying for dyeing, dip-dyeing, piece-dyeing, and marbling on fabric. Creative emphasis will be on color usage, pattern layout, and scale. Time will be divided equally between fabric creation and sewing. Students will have fun dyeing fabrics outside, followed by an ice cream fiesta, and tons of fun printing and sewing their own fabrics!                                                                                                                            


Quilting and Sewing (*Trendy New Class)

Students will choose from a variety of projects including the trendy new “t-shirt” quilt, tote bags, cosmetic bags, beach bags, laptop, reader and cell phone covers, kitchen and dining accessories, pillow covers, pet accessories, quilted bracelets, and small “art” quilts. There is also a “ruffle quilt” project designed specifically for the serger. Students will have the opportunity to test their creations on the new “design wall” added to the studio this spring.

All quilting projects will be completed on the machine and demonstrations will include stitching techniques, free-motion quilting, learning to use attachments, creating and applying bindings, pressing, squaring, and cutting for piecing.  Students will learn how to use a variety of rulers and marking tools. Discussions will include design concepts, fabric and color selection, and how to use a pattern. The studio is stocked with a large selection of cotton, silk, and upholstery fabrics and samples will be provided for inspiration. Demonstrations will include applique techniques and students will create their own unique trims including flowers, yo-yo’s, fabric fringe and tassels. Special note:  We will not be using rotary cutters in the studio (scissors only).

This is not your grandmother’s quilting class! Students will have tons of fun learning modern quilting techniques!


Bag Design and Sewing

Students will create 2-3 one-of-a-kind bags, design their own fabrics, and learn a variety of techniques and terminology for bag construction. Discussions will include the anatomy of a bag, design concepts, working with color and fabric patterns, understanding and modifying patterns, bag structure, reinforcement, and assembly. Fabric design in this class will include dyeing and printing fabrics. The studio is also stocked with a large selection of fabrics for student use. Demonstrations will include how to install zippers, sew buttons, buttonholes, snaps and magnetic closures, attach a variety of pockets and handles, sew gathers, ruffles, pleats and darts, use elastic and interfacings, and insert linings. Techniques will include working with leather (for handles), making bound and piped edges, creating gussets and flat bottoms. Designing fabrics and bags provides a fun way to enhance sewing skills and techniques!


General Information

Class sizes are small, limited to eight students, and usually fill-up quickly in the summer! Small classes provide a safe environment for using sewing machines, irons, and studio tools. This also allows students greater freedom of choice with individual projects and instruction. Students frequently repeat classes and new projects and techniques are continually introduced to help students enhance their skills. Projects are available in every class for beginners and more advanced students. Learning to read, modify, design, and create patterns is offered in all sewing classes. Students will also have the opportunity to use a serger in all sewing classes.